the 2002 Australian Adventure
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Welcome visitor.

This web site has been set up as a diary of my excursion to Australia. Of course I was not alone and as much as it is my experience it is also that of my girlfriend. While I may be personally responsible for creating this web site it is not mine alone.

We were in Australia for about a year in 2002 but most of it was spent studying. Free time was a luxury then but we got lot's of it when the university was done so we decided to take a trip. Now Australia is a BIG country and there's only so many places you can go with a limited budget.

So off we went to some of the most popular tourist traps... err tourist spots and with this web site we hope to share our experiences with anyone who is interested.

There are quite a bit of things to do here. To find out more about us go to the "About Us". To begin reading about our adventures go to "The Adventure" section. Need a map? There's a simple one here.

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