the 2002 Australian Adventure
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Jon and Siew Toh

Hi we're Jon (left) and Siew Toh (right). In the year 2002 we enrolled in Monash University, Australia to study Computing. Naturally we took this chance to do a bit of travelling. We didn't have much money so we picked some of the better places in Australia to visit.

As you may know, Monash University is located in Melbourne which is somewhere down the South East of Australia. Oddly the most interesting places Australia has to offer are located along the East coast. Common tourist haunts that come to mind are Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef.

Our adventure (well it's really just a bunch of trips) begins and ends in Melbourne. At times we managed to squeeze some trips during our studies but the majority of trips this web site deals in was taken after we completed our university. We did a two week stint for the holidays and in this short period we managed to visit the Gold Coast and Sydney.

Now let's cut to the chase. Click here to learn the details of our adventure.

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