the 2002 Australian Adventure
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The Sunshine Coast

The first stop in the Sunshine Coast was the Big Pineapple which was basically just a big plantation with some "educational" rides, a shop and a restaurant. It's not quite the most interesting place in the world but their Australian wildlife was kinda cool because you can get really near to the animals.

On the pineapple plantation ride.

An Emu looks at one of the wildlife.

ST with a wallaby.

Jon with a kangaroo.

ST with the same kangaroo.

Now you know why this place is called the Big Pineapple.

The next stop was Noosa where is supposedly where the rich people of Australia go to instead of Surfers Paradise.

Finally we went to Underwater World. As the name suggests it's like a giant aquarium with loads of marine life.

ST in between the Jaws of Death.

The Seal Show. Damn Seals are real smart animals.

Jon with a car full of fish, trying to open the door.

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