the 2002 Australian Adventure
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Sea World

Sea World is a great place to visit. If you get the chance, make sure you go see it. Now if you are like me and love dolphins this is the place to be cause there are tons of dolphins here. In fact I liked it so much I actually went there twice.

Jerry, Jon, ST and Tom.

ST and fairy penguins!

Jon and the genius himself, Dexter!

Polar bear! I love this guy!

Throws the ball.

Jumps into the water to play with the ball.

Quest for the Golden Seal. A better seal show than the one they had in Underwater World.

Dolphin show. Smart critters.

White man can't jump? Dolphins certainly can.

This time in unison.

ST with two land dolphins.

Volcanoes in the midst of Sea World?

The prettiest polar bear of all time!

Friendly dolphin.

ST has a talent for calling dolphins.

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