the 2002 Australian Adventure
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Island Queen Showboat

Fancy a seafood buffet with tons of good food in a romantic nightime cruise on a luxury boat? Then avoid this place like the plague. Seats are tighter than economy class on an airplane. There are loads of people but only one buffet table and what's worse you have to take turns to get to the food. We were unfortunately picked last for the food and by the time we reached the table, most of the seafood was already gone. Some fat lady in front of the queue took 4 servings. We only managed two. After a short while they store away all the food and you are left to suffer with some mediocre entertainment. Guess where the cruise goes? Up and down the same river over and over again! All in all a terrible waste of money. Spread the word, avoid this at all costs. There are many restaurants offering seafood buffets in Surfers Paradise and I reckon anyone of them are better than this.

Jon and St on the boat.

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